Optimal Aging - Super Health - Enhanced Performance Resonance Research was founded in 1991 as a non-profit research foundation by a  group of exceptionally curious scientists, engineers, practitioners and physicians.  This sense of curiousity still drives the Foundation to embrace both traditional and  alternative approaches, integrating diverse technologies to uncover life-enhancing  solutions. We are continually researching novel concepts, technologies and products.  Finding products that actually work is the main challenge in selecting supplements. All the products and technologies discussed have been personally tested and evaluated by the foundation’s researchers. Some of these products are available for purchase though our practitioners and physicians, if you are so inclined. We also share our theories for others to evaluate and always welcome others’ input. Optimal aging, super health and enhanced performance attract our main focus today. While a long list of nutrients, supplements, technologies, processes and techniques have been evaluated over the last 20-years, you will only find those that we recommend discussed here. If you are aware of other promising products or processes, we would love to evaluate them! It’s what we do! You can have confidence that every product dis- cussed on this site has been tested, evaluated and is recommended by our researchers. Most of us  have personally used these products and have first- hand experience with their application and results. Integrated Information Clearinghouse © Resonance Research Foundation, Inc. 1991-2013